Insurance (Game & training injuries)


Insurance (Game & training injuries)

For injuries sustained during authorised training sessions and/or playing duties, all registered players and volunteers are covered by the FFA / FNSW insurance policy provided by Gow Gates.

Important things to note:

1. The claim process is performed online by the injured player / member. The Club cannot do this for you.

2. Your medical practitioner (GP or hospital that assessed the injury & referred for rehabilitation services) must sign off verifying your injury before you can submit your claim for expenses under the policy.
** Note = Best for coach/manager to have a printed blank form available at all times so it can be sent with injured player, download form here 
Physician Report (blank)

3. The insurer has a 120 days / 4 month time limit on claims being submitted so prompt action is in your best interest to avoid having your claim rejected because you submitted too late.

4. Please send a copy of your full completed claim form to for Club signoff.  We will then complete the seperate 
Club Declaration (blank) and return to you so you can upload all docs in the claims portal.

Please click the link below to be taken to the online claim process, which includes a once-off account creation step which will provide visibility of all of your current & future claims. 


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