Life Members

Life membership is awarded to club personnel who have made an outstanding contribution to the club.

Tenure with the Club as a player or Committee member alone does not guarantee Life Membership. Those who are recognised with the highest award the Club can bestow have gone above and beyond in their role as a volunteer, added true & long-term value to our members / local community and are a role model for others who may succeed them.


Year  Recipient
1968 Jock Scougall
1969 Don Bourke
1975 Doris McCaughan, Fred McCaughan*, Allan Maher
1978 Ron Wright
1983 Bernie Duval, Violet Nutt
1984 Peter Hutchison, Barry Syme
1985 Stuart Clancy, Gavin Syme
1986 John Hutchison
1987 Dianne Duval
1988 Teresa Chizzonite
1990 Brett Duval, Scott Duval
1991 Steven Duval
1992 Warren Young, Warren Searle
1993 Neil Vale
1995 Bronwyn Skinner, Colin Skinner
1997 Craig Panai, Kurt Young
1998 Martin Searle, Mike Welch
1999 David Monahan
2000 Lynda Rosevear
2001 Gordon Rosevear, John Psaltis
2008 Barrie Rogers, Karin Rogers
2009 Howard Groom, Bill Gurney
2010 Myra Gurney, Craig Willis
2011 Jane Willis
2013 Dianne Ramaker
2013 Rob Younie
2016 David Vorrieter
2018  Michael Neat, George Germanos                             
2020 Craig Rosevear                                                         

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