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Finals Information

27 Jul 2017
Final/Semifinal Information

Semi Finals Rules
See below which is a copy of the by-laws

Championship Competition (for 18 Round Competitions) The Championship competition shall be a finals series competition structured as follows (for both First Grade and Reserve Grade):
             Semi-Final 1: 1 v 2
             Semi-Final 2: 3 v 4
             Final: Loser Semi-Final 1 v Winner Semi-Final 2
             Championship Final: Winner Semi-Final 1 v Winner Final If rain causes the Championship Competition to be reduced the Competitions Manager will decide how this series will proceed depending on time available. If in any game of the Championship Competition the score at the end of full time is drawn then ten (10) minutes each way will be played. If at the end of extra time the score is still drawn then a penalty shoot-out will occur. THERE IS NO GOLDEN GOAL A player is only eligible to play for a team in the Championship Competition if he/she has played three (3) or more games for that team in the Premiership Competition.

Yellow Card /Red Card information for finals

Just a reminder to all clubs, suspensions carry over into the finals (championship rounds).  Yellow cards will start a zero for all players in the finals, please note any player who receives 2 yellow cards in semis/finals will be suspended for 1 fixture, below is from the Hills Football Grievance and Disciplinary Regulations which can be found on the Hills Football website.
16.3           Accumulation of Yellow Cards – Championship and Pennant Competitions
A Player who accumulates two (2) Yellow Cards in the Championship and/or Pennant rounds shall serve a mandatory one (1) Fixture Suspension. Notification shall be given to the player’s Club as soon as possible after the second caution is received by HFI.
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