Respect to players, referees and team officials

23 Jun 2017

Dear NRSC Players, Coaches, Members and Friends,

Remember today at work when you made a mistake? When you missed a call, were five minutes late for something, left a typo in a document? Do you remember how your colleagues yelled at you in disgust? Told you how incompetent you are, that you don’t know what you’re doing and you’re a f*%#ing idiot? Remember that?
That’s because it didn’t happen and wouldn’t happen in the workplace. There are laws that protect employees from such abuse.
What if those same comments and aggressive behaviours were directed at a young player during a club football match? Or to a junior referee learning their craft? An experienced referee? Your child? Can you imagine how awful that must be?
Unfortunately, some members of this Club and our Association behave aggressively and use foul language during weekend match play. This past weekend a young female referee was brought to tears by an adult male parent. In a separate incident, another young referee was verbally abused by a team of senior adult players. There was even a parent who physically threatened a coach from another club.


This behaviour is WRONG and completely UNACCEPTABLE, and will not be tolerated by the Club. NRSC already has a high number of red cards, 14 to date. No member should be proud of that, and whilst we are one of the biggest clubs in the Association, our cards-per-player metrics remain very poor when compared to others.
The Association is coming down hard on poor behaviour. In the last month, three players from other clubs have each received a FOUR-YEAR suspension. Another player has received a TWO-YEAR suspension. Remember that players, coaches, team officials, and even whole teams may be suspended if behaviours don’t improve. The Club has in the past and will use again our  Disciplinary Committee which has a mandate to investigate the inappropriate behaviour of any Club member. The Disciplinary Committee has a range of remedies including suspending or terminating a membership for anyone behaving poorly.
If you see poor and aggressive behaviour at a game you are attending, please know that:

  • The referee is entitled to stop the game at any time and end the game early, players, coaches, and spectators can be told to leave the field and sent away.
  • As a coach, you are expected to ensure that your team remains in control of their actions and play in a sporting way. If a game is getting heated then you are expected to act to diffuse.
  • As a player, you are expected to ensure that you play and abide by the NRSC Code of Conduct to not bring the game, the Club, or yourself into disrepute.
  • As a team official, you are expected to ensure the sideline remains under control and conduct themselves in a sporting manner.
  • As a spectator, please ask fellow spectators, coach, team manager to remember that this is a game of club football and to change their behaviour


Every one of us is responsible for the culture and reputation of our great club.
Football should be played hard but fair. Competitive but safe. Most of all it should be enjoyable for all participants, no matter what role they play either on or off the field. Please let’s stop the run of aggressive ugly incidents of the last few weeks and play with respect for all.

Yours in football

Rob Younie


North Rocks Soccer Club

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